956f8f7c-2334-11e6-86a8-6aa3f93e5d3ePatang is a gripping thriller from Hachette India, priced at 350. So, there is this serial-killer, who has announced that he is going to kill exactly four people in Mumbai, during the rain filled days. He hunts his prey and hangs them high up in the air like a kite or Patang (so the title), leaving them there to die. He uses the most heart-wrenchingly cruel ways to kill his victims. For instance, he leaves one high up on a construction crane, all tied up, with a funnel in his mouth, so that the rain fills the lungs of the victim. The victim gets drowned high up there! The ingenuity!

The police try to catch him, but fail. They rope in a private detective. The detective pieces together the puzzle pieces left behind the killer. He manages to nab the killer, although many lives have been lost. Even before the city can rest in peace, the killings, in the same fashion and style, start again. Within three months of the killer getting arrested! That twist is worth all your money you’d spend on the book (about INR 350).

The book is a pacey, gripping suspense thriller. It’s so visual that it feels like watching a film. It is full of twists and keeps you hooked through almost the end. I said almost and not ‘the end’ because I would have liked a slightly different way of getting the truth reveled. Can’t say much about what I didn’t like or I will give away the end. It kept me engaged, and it also kept someone else also engaged, quite deeply – the writer… I mean, read what he has to say, about the time when Bhaskar Chattopadhyay was writing the story: I become a recluse, and always used to remain grumpy, I wouldn’t come out of my den for days on end.

Title: Patang | Author: Bhaskar Chattopadhyay | Publisher: Hachette India | Price: INR 350